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General Course Requirements

  The following outline represents typical class assignments associated with the required text(s) for a given course:

  1. Write a minimum of two-three paragraphs on each chapter of the required text, more if appropriate (there is no limit), summarizing the key points of each chapter. In some cases, especially for lengthy texts, only specifically specified chapters need to be addressed. These will be spelled out in a special course study guide, along with other possible unique elements, when such courses are selected. All other courses will follow the "General Course Requirements." The chapter Number and Title should be identified at the beginning of the first paragraph for each chapter.

    It is our intent that you will "interact" with the author in each course at PTS. Reflection, comment and critique, personal or otherwise, are a marvelous way to grow. That is our hope. We don't expect an individual to just "absorb" or simply repeat what the author is saying. Listen to what the they say, and then engage and/or challenge them.

  2. Write a three to five page paper on a major theme of interest to you directly related to the reading you have done in the course.

  3. For non-introductory courses, in place of options 1 & 2, you may write a 10-15 page paper summarizing the significant points on the theme of the author, demonstrating your specific familiarity with the text.

  4. Finally, write a one page paper on how this course might help you in your life or ministry.

  Once this writing assignment has been submitted (and all parts must be submitted at the same time in a single document), you will receive an evaluation and grade for that course. At the time of submission, you can determine, for each individual course, whether you want to be evaluated on a Pass/Fail basis or on a letter grade (A-F) basis. In order to receive a grade point average for your degree, more than half of your courses taken at PTS need to have been evaluated on a letter grade basis.

  The course assignments, when completed, should be submitted on-line via e-mail to the Director of Studies at Submissions may be in Word, RTF, TXT, PDF format or (especially for Apple users).

  Specific detailed instructions on how to accomplish the above will be provided to you by PTS when you register, either for a course, or for a specific degree program. Any special needs of the student will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Grading System

You may choose when you submit each paper the grading system for that particular effort.

  1. Pass / Fail

  2. Letter Grade (4 point GPA system)
      A (4 points), Excellent, Demonstrates superior proficiency
      B (3 points), Good, Suggests superior proficiency
      C (2 points), Satisfactory, Demonstrates adequate proficiency
      D (1 point), Problematic, Suggests inadequate proficiency
      F (no credit), Unsatisfactory, Demonstrates inadequate proficiency

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