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Some Online Resources - The online, comprehensive Christian research library - Tools for building faithful and effective church leaders - Hundreds of full-text sermon transcripts - Top-notch sermon illustrations and preaching tips - The Copac® library catalogue gives free access to the merged online catalogues of major University and National Libraries in the UK and Ireland, including the British Library - The CHRISTIAN CENTURY magazine website - the Oremus Bible Browser. Version 2.2 has a new feature which allows you to dynamically toggle the display of verse and chapter numbers - Sermons That Work. The sermons in this series are in the
public domain – they are not copyrighted – and all are invited to use them or draw from them as a resource. We do ask, however, that attribution be given to the authors, please. (Episcopal tradition) - The Catholic Encyclopedia - a comprehensive modern Catholic dictionary to search and browse – Encyclopedia Britannica Online - Online Christian Library. Virtual Theological Resources A Worldwide Christian Internet Community Learning Resource. A Ministry of Northwestern Theological Seminary - Internet Theology Resources: Online Theology-Related Periodicals - Online testing programs.

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