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A Note To Local Judicatories

(Churches, Dioceses, Conferences, Synods, Presbyteries, etc.)

  The Providence Theological School welcomes your input and will be glad to work with your organization in tailoring courses to meet your specific needs and requirements. We can be the principal resource for your local ministry training or assist in any part that you desire. We can tailor course assignments and texts as your prefer and will even hire individuals in your organization that you select to evaluate your particular student￿s work.

You can have a complete school for local ministry without any of the costs or recordkeeping associated with such an endeavor. We can even tailor a special page on our website specifically to your organization and the courses you require or prefer. Contact the Dean of the Providence Theological School to discuss these possibilities.

One possible example:
Typical Episcopal Deacons Study Program  
Canonical Requirements   PTS  
(1)￿ Academic Studies including --   Course No. PTS Course Title
￿￿￿￿Biblical Stiudies a.￿ Interpreting the Old Testament AS-101 Beginnings of the Old Testament
  b.￿ Interpreting the New Testament AS-110 Beginnings of the New Testament
￿￿￿￿ Theology a.￿ Systematic Theology AS-201 Introduction to Theology
  b.￿ Ethics AS-301 Introduction to Christian Ethics
￿￿￿￿ Tradition of the Church (History) a.￿ From Jesus to the English Reformation AS-401 Early Church History
  b.￿ The Episcopal Church: From Colonial￿ AS-430 The Episcopal Church in the U.S.
  ￿￿￿￿￿ times to the Present    
(2) Diakonia and the Diaconate a.￿ Introduction to the Diaconate AS-810 The Order of the Diaconate
(3) Human Awareness and Understanding a.￿ Pastoral Care AS-501 Introduction to Pastoral Care
  b.￿ Family Systems // Conflict Management AS-520 Families in Transition
    ￿ ￿
(4) Spiritual Development and Discipline a.￿ Survey Course // Spiritual Comparisons AS-601 Personal Spirituality
(5) Practical Training and Experience a.￿ Liturgy & Preaching AS-801 Introduction to Preaching

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